New Executive Officers

Orillia Aero Modelers October 5, 2017

Present: Clive Sharp, Paul Smith, Jules Canale, Dennis DuBois, Henry Droder, Jim Whitney, Tom Smith, Doug Campbell, Mike Whitney, Dale Chapman, Paul McMillian, Ed Ehinger, Andy Polit, Derek Odell, Mark Wandel, John Emslie, Chuck Knight, Chris Roote, Paul Grainger

Mark Wandel nominated John Emslie for President, Henry Droder 2nd
John Emslie nominated Mark Wandel for Vise President Paul Smith 2nd
Ed Ehinger nominated Andy Polit for Treasurer, John Emslie 2nd
Clive Sharp nominated Henry Droder as member at large Dennis 2nd
John Emslie nominated Chris root as secretary, Clive Sharp.2nd
A vote was held and all positions were approved unanimously.
Dennis DuBois will stay on as chief flying instructor.

New Business
Paul Grainger will get swap meet booked for February 11, 2018.
We discussed field upgrades including a new container, toilet, shade shelter etc.
We talked about applying for a Trillium grant and some of the areas where we could use the funds.

We will purchase 2 batteries to go with the wind generator.
Field improvements were discussed. We will consider extending the original runway.

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