Club Rules

Guests wishing to fly must show their current MAAC or AMA membership cards.

No one shall fly unassisted until they have their MAAC wings.  It is also recommended that no one fly when they are alone.

The proper frequency pin, including 2.4 ghz., must be placed on the transmitter before the transmitter is turned on and must be replaced on the frequency board immediately after use.  While the frequency pin is in use, its place on the frequency board shall be taken up by the pilot’s pin, which will contain his/her name and channel number.  This procedure must be followed regardless of the number of flyers.

The field frequency box should be opened before anyone flies.  The last Club member to leave the field shall lock both the field box and the gate.

Only 4 pilots may fly at any one time.

No one shall fly in a manner that monopolizes the air space directly over the field nor for a period of more than 15 minutes.

Aircraft shall not be flown directly at or over the pit area or the parking areas.

All aircraft must be properly secured before starting.  Model must be secured in a way that prevents them from moving backwards off the tables in the event that an engine fires backwards.

Aircraft may not be taxied into or out of the pit area.

Flyers shall stand in the designated pilot’s station while maneuvering their aircraft, except when taking off or hand launching.

All flying must cease during field maintenance.

No vehicles are permitted on the field at any time, except for field maintenance.

No person shall fly an aircraft while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

A fire extinguisher must be present at all times when flying glow fuel or gasoline powered aircraft.

Smoking is not permitted in the pit area where glow fuel or gasoline is present.

Large aircraft shall be started and allowed to warm up on flight tables but must be turned off while being carried or towed to the flight line.  The must be restarted at the flight line.